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Emergency Shelter and Relocation

Safety and Risk Mitigation Organization (SRMO) is providing temporary emergency relocation and shelter for HRDs and WHRDs, civil society activists and media workers alongside with their family members who are at risk in Afghanistan.  Before providing any such assistance SRMO conducts a rigorous assessment of the applicant whether the applicant is a genuine HRD or WHRD, why he/ she is at risk and by whom and only after endorsement by our national and international partners  the person in question will be provided with the shelter and other emergency assistances.

By providing emergency relocation and accommodation in our shelters for the individuals at risk, SRMO’s purpose is to not only save the life of the person at risk but to make sure that they are able to continue their important work.  SRMO shelters or emergency accommodations are self contained where HRDs and WHRDs living there feel at home and we are making sure that the living environment is also providing an opportunity for them to continue their work. At the end of relocation, SRMO makes sure that if the HRD/ WHRD decides to return to their province of origin a proper risk assessment will be made and all the risk mitigation strategies are in place for their smooth return.

During emergency and crisis situation SRMO provides ad-hoc shelters and accommodations for HRDs and WHRDs and their family members who are displaced due to generalized conflict and insecurity and in a situation when there is collective displacement of HRDs and WHRDs whose lives are at risk.

SRMO also provides emergency assistances including medical assistance, psycho-social support, legal aid among other assistances for HRDs and WHRDs at risk.

In majority of cases SRMO provides internal relocation within Afghanistan and in some instances we also provide relocation out of Afghanistan in one of the countries in the region. SRMO works hard to make sure that as result of relocation we do not create “Brain- Drain”, for this reason external relocations are sought as last resort.

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